By Leslie Pratch

I’ve written a lot about active coping as a crucial determinant of leadership effectiveness. This is the third of a series that provide a case study of what active coping looks like, drawing on the careers of some well-known executives. Reed Hastings is a good example of…

By Leslie Pratch

IBM’s former chairman, Louis V. Gerstner Jr., in 2002

Some CEOs cope with whatever life presents; more than that, they grab opportunities. They learn from experience, face problems rather than avoid them, overcomes obstacles rather than giving up or blaming others. They consider others’ interests and the interests of society, as well as their own. They…

By Leslie Pratch

Reading my posts, you’ll have seen a lot about active coping. As you know, active coping is one of the three characteristics that executives need in order to lead an organization well (the others are adequate smarts for the job and motivation to lead). Active coping is…

By Leslie Pratch

“When the context of work changes, the skills which are valued change, so some people shine while others fall flat on their face.” — Allon Shavet

Some formerly “average-seeming” people shine in a crisis; some top performers crack under pressure or just under the change in circumstances…

Leslie S. Pratch

President and CEO of Pratch & Company, Leslie Pratch draws on 20 years of experience advising private equity investors and executives.

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