Getting even smarter about hiring CEOs and CFOs

  • Whether some or all of the information they currently collect about CEO/CFO candidates in fact statistically predicts their performance outcomes.
  • How the firms can make their hiring processes more efficient and more accurate in predicting success.
  • The hiring process predicted success vs. failure of the hired candidates; that is, people who did better in the process in fact did better on the job), and
  • Hired candidates were more highly rated/scored in the process; that is, hired candidates tended to do better in the process than candidates who were not hired.
  • Focus on the competencies that you believe are most critical to success
  • Use “behavioral anchors” (descriptions of the behaviors that demonstrate a competency) to consistently measure the competencies.
  • Train interviewers in the firm to correctly execute the interview process so they efficiently get at what you are looking to understand
  • Calibrate across interviewers to ensure that competencies are rated consistently across interviewers

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